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I like the versatility of Gems for You.  I can easily get a different look – in a snap!  I now have several leather necklaces and several pendants that I can snap a variety of jewels in and out of.  I haven’t seen anything like this before!  Thanks, Gems for You! – Lesley J. Vander Welle, Virtue Welle


Wow! These really are Gems! These are the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I was impressed at how sparkly everything was. Then, you showed me how they came apart and could interchange with each other. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I look forward to seeing you again at your launch. Hope you have loads of success! – Sandy Anderson



My mother loved her silver bracelet with the one red stone.  My sister loved the double one with the spring in the back.  And my daughter loved hers with Olaf on it. And of course, with the extra jewels we bought, they are changing them back and forth.  So glad your new business is growing so well.  I know where my first stops will be for birthdays and Christmas.  Thank you! – Pamela Robertson


gem_breastcancer2It was meant to be! When I stopped at your booth at the Wedding show, right away I noticed your breast cancer pins. I loved the triple bracelets with the sparkly breast ribbons. What a great idea!  I’m looking forward to working with you for the fundraiser for my sister. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you for offering to work with us.


I’m so glad I took a walk around the end of the isle and saw your booth.  Your jewelry is amazing! I love all the bling!  I will be contacting you soon about holding an event. I love the fact that I can love wearing his jewelry while I can make money as well!  Sorry you had to sell the one you were wearing. – Tracey

The jewelry I bought from you at he Hamilton Wedding Show 2 weeks ago, are my favorite pieces to wear.
I’m glad you suggested buying the extra 2 crystals. It seems like I have several bracelets now, simply by changing the crystals.  I have your card now, so I’ll be buying more jewelry from you real soon.  All the best with your new business. – Valerie


JackieJackie 1Dear France:
I just want to say Thank You for sharing this really fun idea with me!  The glitter caught my attention when you first opened your case to show me.  But then when you started changing the jewels from the bracelet to the necklace and then to the earrings, I just couldn’t believe it.  I am having so much fun collecting the jewels to go with the bracelet and purse I bought from you!
I feel like a kid in a candy shop, looking at all the selection you have.  I wear my jewelry proudly and enjoy the many compliments I receive when I have it on.
Thanks again,
Jackie Johnston

selfie“Gems for you provides beautiful jewelry that is versatile and functional for all events, for day or evening. As a business woman myself, this jewelry is ideal for dressing up outfits for client meetings and then turn my outfits into something more playful for personal/family functions. Perfect for all events in my busy schedule.” – Amanda Chesher, owner and operator of Icing Sugar Photography




Barb LavinGems for You’ have so many great options for jewelry and other accessories that I am so pleased to have in my personal collection.  Lots to choose from with many beautiful designs, patterns and colours.  It is so much fun shopping in their showroom or online with no pressure to buy, but with the incredible prices there is always an opportunity to go home with wonderful new items.   I love my bracelets, necklaces, pendants, gemstones, pins, bags, sunglasses, and more to come I am sure.  Not only good for myself but makes for great gifts for others.  Affordable, quality product with excellent service and guaranteed satisfaction!    Many thanks!   Barb Lavin


I love wearing my cufflinks! It’s a notch more classy than just a regular dress shirt. I love the fact that I can choose from many different gems, to go with what ever I am wearing. These are so cool!                              Dave


I have been so excited since my son introduced me to Gems for You.  First I was his best customer but then, my friends wanted to
know where I got it.  When I showed them how much fun it is to interchange the jewels and create your own look, I thought to myself I can
do this too.  So now I have my own home based business, doing house parties and small events,  and I can’t keep my jewels in stock.  I am having so much fun and meeting new ladies everyday.
Thank you Jeff, I now have a new purpose.

Gail Baxter

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These very young at heart ladies love coming to the showroom to add to their collection of “Gems for You” jewelry. They love the wide variety of choices and how easily the pieces can be interchanged

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Marishka Glynne, owner of Xanadu Associates.